A couple of USA websites have announced the 2015 USA GP and the World FITASC Championships dates and venue.
The USA FITASC GP is 16/19 July 2015
The WORLD FITASC is 20/26 July 2015
I’m presuming the actual Worlds will be 23/26 with Compak, 5 stand ect filling the gaps, just in case two major shoots aren’t enough!!
The event is at the Caribou Gun Club, 30649 380th St. Le Sueur, Minnestoa 56058


4 Comments to “WORLD FITASC 2015”

  1. Adam Green says:

    Hi, any chance we will be sending NZ Teams to this event ?


  2. K.J. Madden says:

    I have approached the rest of the Sorting Committee and asked the question. My personal thoughts are definitely yes. It’s close enough to make it it easy to reach and there will be few hassles with language, accommodation and transport. I’m not sure of the Sporting bank account, it should be reasonably healthy. I suggested a full compliment teams at $1200 each. I’m sure the committee will meet at the Nationals and I’ll put it on the agenda.

    • Adam Green says:

      Excellent, thank you. Chicago in 2012 was a fantastic experience and expect this would be the same.


  3. Ron Madden says:

    Only better, because I may actually make it!!! LOL