Welcome to all new and prospective members, you are on the Sporting Clays Section of the New Zealand Clay Target Association. (NZCTA) web site.
Briefly the NZCTA is made of clubs around New Zealand, and has the responsibility of governing shotgun sports in NZ. Individual members belong to a club of their choosing. There are some 90 clubs dotted around New Zealand, but only some regularly shoot Sporting and Compak.

The New Zealand Association is run by an annually elected Council, derived equally from the North and South Island, with a Chairman and paid Executive Officer. Within the Association there are some non-elected committee’s comprising of specialist in their chosen code. There are such Committee’s for School Shooting, ISSF (Olympic events), and Sporting Clays.

We shoot ‘FITASC’ Sporting and Compak. Our Sporting is shot with gun down when calling for the target, while Compak is shot with a ‘free’ gun mount.
Sporting clays is shot in accordance with the International body (FITASC) guidelines, and is generally described as ‘golf with a shotgun’ and is shot at various stands dotted around the shooting field or area. Each stand will have a menu, and the traps will be labelled A, B, C etc. A match is usually 100 targets; Major Competitions are held over 200 targets and over 2 to 4 days. Sporting started as a clay target game to simulate real game, and it still retains some of those features. With the modern generation of clay target traps and targets the sport has developed significantly and is only limited by the cunning and guile of the coarse setters.
You may often hear the term ‘New’ and ‘Old’ style Sporting, do not be concerned it’s just describing the layout of fields and numbers of traps used on each stand.

Compak Sporting is exactly that, shot within 5 stands with some preset trajectories and area’s where the targets must pass through.
We hold many club events that are suitable for all levels of ability including beginners and the ‘duck/game shooter’ level of experience, right up to our Nationals and one International Grand Prix attracting shooters from Australia and New Caledonia. It is very much a sport for all the family, and Ladies and Juniors are encouraged to participate and most matches will feature Lady and Junior categories.

Every 3 years we host the International Oceania tournament in N.Z. These shoots plus a host of Islands (two) and Zone’s (four zones) are NZCTA events, but are held by individual clubs on the recommendation of the Sporting Clay Committee. We also, once you get into it, hold selection shoots for teams for International and even World Championships events. We also have a hotly competed for Inter Island match shot by selected Island team based on their performance during selected matches during the year.

The NZCTA does not hold any events itself, but with NZ Championships, it in conjunction with the Sporting Committee allocates these, to affiliated clubs who have the ability to run these events.

If you feel that you would like to try our exciting sport please contact any of your Sporting Committee who will point you in the right way, or if you prefer just turn up to a club near you. Check the Sporting Clay calendar first!! The Sporting fraternity has its own web page within the NZCTA web site, including latest news, shoot reports and gossip and an up to date calendar of most Sporting/Compak events around the country:


There are also some good UTube video’s that will give you some ideas of what to expect and how it all works.

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  1. geoff ferris says:

    hey why have you guys not got the ross stevenson compak and the kilwell compak on your shoot calender for labour week end at taupo????? we run these shoots ever year!!