Greymouth Clay Target Club on the West Coast was the setting for the S.I. Compak Championships being run by the South Island Sporting Clay Shooters. Right at the start huge thanks must go to Brian and Jenny Forrest and Kimble Upfold for the huge effort they put in getting the grounds, ponds and surrounds in absolutely pristine condition. For basically a two person club it was an unbelievable effort. Even the infamous Coast weather played its role for most of the time! The Coasters put on a practice afternoon but this soon, as it seems too lately, developed into an 80/90 yard long range competition.
We set two 6 trap fields, one over two ponds and the other in typical Coast scrub, and by Friday afternoon everything was ready to go. The only disappointment was the numbers to help set up then shoot it. Maybe the Christchurch Show week and public holiday had something to do with it, but it highlights more than ever Sporting’s need to develop its own calendar free from having to ‘fit in’ with every other codes shoots. It would mean not having to squeeze most shoots into October and November and completely swamp shoooters. 39 shooters showed up for Saturdays Lewis Class day and even Brian Forrest who had, not his best day shall we say, walked away enough cash to pay his days entry. The lunch time change saw radical changes to the fields and a good battle ensued with Geoff Wells taking line honours, pulling back from an uncharacteristic 19/25. Lewis Class, huge in the States, grades every shooter from top to bottom score in order then depending on how many ‘grades’ you decide lines are drawn thru the list. There is no limit to the number you can have except every time you put in a group it decreases the pool. What is good it automatically grades the fields and your ability on the day. Sunday saw 36 line up for the 100 target South Island Championship. All the fields were reset totally, in the rain, and I think slightly stepped up from Saturday as befitting the match. Ask Graeme Brown about the slow rabbit across the pond, I think the rabbit won by 4 or 5!! Chris Scully and Karen Cross arrived in from Nelson for the day, Chris wanting to put some pressure on the top boys, but having to shoot 25/25 on the last field dropped his first two targets again allowing Geoff Wells to sneak thru for the win.
A great result for Geoff Wells taking two from two.

4 Comments to “S.I. Compak”

  1. gibbo says:

    goeff wells…. as slipery as an ell

  2. David Mack says:

    Really enjoyed the weekend, many thanks to all those involved. I especially like the Lewis Class idea even though I didn’t win anything this time – my son got lucky on his first outing since 2010. Looking forward to the shoot at Neil’s place on the 7 & 8 December.

  3. Geoff Wells says:

    Thanks Gibbo – we missed you! How goes China? Was a great shoot, well done SISCS and Greymouth, top job.

  4. gibbo says:

    im sure you did! china is very cold! full debreif on the shoot when i get back! in the market for a new bang stick!