July 12th, 2013 - Comments(1) World FITASC scores

Our friends at englishsportingclays.co.uk have a live scoreboard from the World Championship in Spain

Result here…

Shotgun Goes Off At Gun Club, 10 Injured!
10 Hurt, Including Teen, When Shotgun Goes Off At Gun Club

ELBURN, Ill. (STMW) – Two men and a 14-year-old boy were hospitalized and several other people injured when a shotgun accidentally fired and the round struck the floor, bounced up and struck them at a west suburban gun club Tuesday night.

Emergency personnel were called to the St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club at 44W471 Keslinger Rd. in unincorporated Blackberry Township near Elburn about 7:30 p.m., according to the Kane County Sheriff’s office.

A 69-year-old St. Charles man who belongs to the members-only club had just completed target shooting and entered the clubhouse. He was to putting his 12-gauge shotgun away and thought he had inserted a snap cap, a plug used to save the firing pin while a gun is stored, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

But instead of the snap cap, he put a live shotgun shell into the gun, police said. With the man pointed at the floor, he pulled the trigger, and the gun discharged, sending buckshot to the floor, where it bounced up and out and struck several people in the clubhouse, police said.

The South Island Compak shoot being hosted by the South Island Sporting Clay Shooters in Greymouth has again had its dates changed to accommodate other shoots.
The new and final dates are: November 16 for a cash day based on Lewis Class system, and Sunday 17 November for the S.I. Compak Championships.
I’m sorry about all the messing about, but this date is now set.
With Rob Curruthers grace I will have an online entry up for this shoot, and the S.I. Sporting in Nelson within the month.

For all you Perazzi owners this from the USA!! (who’s paranoid then!!)
Daniele Perazzi, president of the Italian Perazzi Shotguns firm, was taken into custody yesterday by Adams County Deputies [see update, below] along with several prototype shotguns. The executive was picked up in the parking lot of the Denver Merchandise Mart, hosting the high-end Colorado Gun Collectors show this weekend, after a taxi driver, likely reacting to a suspicious activity reporting outreach program conducted by law enforcement, told authorities he thought he could be transporting an armed “foreign speaking” terror suspect.
“He loaded prototype shotguns into the cab on the way to the Merchandise Mart,” gun rights activist and newly-elected National Rifle Association Director Steve Schreiner, who is attending the event this weekend, told Gun Rights Examiner this morning. “The cab driver notified law enforcement he suspected he had a terrorist in his cab, and they were waiting to intercept him, evidently oblivious to the fact that he was arriving at a highly-publicized area gun show.

Greetings all, Council met last week and rubber stamped all the Sporting Clay Committee’s recommendations for 2104 and our ‘majors’ for ‘15 and ’16.
Over the next week (or two) I shall put all the shoots on the Sporting Clay calendar:


I will not be trawling through all the various clubs looking for Sporting shoot dates so PLEASE
let me know of any shoots, even duck shooters, practice days, I don’t care, if it’s a Sporting shoot on your ground (or run by your club anywhere) let me know and I’ll put it in the calendar.
These dates are set, BUT there may be slight variations, if so we will endevour to update ASAP.
FITASC Sporting Grand Prix – 10th & 11th February (at Waikato GC)
North Island Sporting Championships – 13th February (at Rotorua R&GC)
New Zealand Sporting Championships – 14th & 15th February (at Rotorua R&GC)
S.I. Compak South Island Sporting Shooters 17 October (Oamaru)
N.Z. Compak South Island Sporting Shooters 18/19 October (Oamaru)
Oceania New Caledonia (Kaala Gun Club) 10-11-12 April 2014
Aust. Nats NSW Mudgee 18-20 or 25-27 Oct.
Aust GP Geelong TBC
Aust Compak TBC

N. Z. Sporting Nationals South Island Sporting Wanaka 16/21 Feb
NZ Grand Prix South Island Sporting Wanaka 16/21Feb
Oceania Rotorua April 24/26
N.I. / N.Z. Compak Waikato October, date: TBC

NZ Sporting Nationals Waikato 18/20 Feb TBC
NZ GP Wanganui 16/17 Feb TBC
Oceania New Caledonia
Aust GP Geelong

April 30th, 2013 - Comments(11) Compak rule

When shooting Compak one rule generally not observed is the one below.
The shooter can load his shotgun after reaching his shooting stand, provided that he
keeps the gun open (or the breech open for semi-automatic guns), without putting
it down, and keeping the gun barrel pointing towards the shooting range and
within the angle limiter. The shooter can only close his gun (or the breech of his
gun) when it is his turn to shoot.

I think by following it we can speed up a round of Compak.
Most semi auto shooters seem to totally unload their guns after firing one shot then procede to reload totally when it is their next turn.
This is not necessary, and obviously by the rule, one shell can go into the magazine while awaiting your turn.
Obviously the gun must be empty when changing stands or waiting behind the No.1 shooter.
This would normally be automatic as the final sequence in the stand is doubles.
Also only 1 shot per target on your doubles, no double barreling the first target.

The following is the list of the qualifying events for the 2014 Oceania NZ Teams.

Fields 1 – 4, 2013 New Zealand Grand Prix
Fields 5 – 8, 2013 New Zealand Grand Prix
April 2013 – Mataura, (SI South Zone)
July 2013 – Waikato, Mid-Winter Sporting
August 2013 – Rotorua, The Presidents Cup (NI North Zone)
September 2013 – Wanganui North Island South Zone
October 2013 – Nelson, South Island Championship
December 2013 – West Melton Military Range, South Island North Zone

February 2014 – Rotorua, North Island Championship
February 2014 – Rotorua, North Zealand Championship

Details on the qualifying criteria can be found on the NZ teams page

Please also check the Sporting Calendar as most clubs will run a trophy shoot the day before their qualifying event.

Rotorua really out did themselves running this years NZ FITASC Grand prix. The field and target presentation was first class. Congratulations to Mark Vessey HOA with a very impressive 190. Mark comments at the prize giving were “the best shoot I’ve shot at, ever!”.
Results here…

March 19th, 2013 - Comments(2) Vince Panetta

It is with much regret that I have been informed of the death of Vince Panetta. Vince was one of life’s true gentlemen. He will be sadly missed by one and all.

To Anthony and the Panetta family, we can’t imagine what you are feeling, but the SCC and the Sporting community want to express our condolences to you. We are all thinking of you during this difficult time and each of us no doubt is treasuring great memories of your father, Vince Panetta is in our minds and in our hearts.

Since the beginning of the year AirNZ has been charging domestic and international travellers a handling fee for firearms. As of this morning these charges have been dropped. However keep in mind that cased shotguns are still classed as an extra baggage item.

CONGRATULATIONS!! To Brian Deadman defeanding Aussie GP Champion, who finished 3rd overall in last weekends Australian GP.
C_name Surname Class R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Total Sh/Off Place
1 Jarryd Passarin Sen 23 24 24 23 25 24 24 22 189 1
2 Craig MacPherson Sen 22 24 23 24 23 23 23 24 186 2
3 Brian Deadman Sen 23 23 22 22 24 24 24 23 185 23 3
4 Matthew Libbis Sen 22 23 25 22 24 23 23 23 185 20 4
5 Blake Nankervis Sen 23 21 22 24 25 24 22 23 184 5
6 John Younger Sen 23 24 22 24 22 24 23 22 184 6
7 Brian Mortenson Sen 22 21 23 25 24 22 23 24 184
8 Christopher Brown Sen 24 25 24 22 25 22 19 22 183
9 Reece Turner Sen 20 22 22 24 24 24 24 22 182
10 Daniel Johnson Sen 24 22 21 24 23 24 23 20 181

February 28th, 2013 - Comments(0) 2013 NZ Teams

Congratulations to the following shooters for making the NZ Teams to shoot at the 25th FITASC Championship of Oceania, Geelong Sporting Clays, Mortons Rd. East Balliang. 25th to 28th April 2013.

Brian Deadman – 492.39
Brent Quin – 482.81
David Alley – 481.36
Des Coe – 481.16
Darryl Braun – 479.69, Reserve
Daryn Norling – 474.12, Reserve
Adam Green – 469.47, Reserve

Tara Lawrence – 395.4
Emily Olsen – 377.6
Mel Hoverd – 358.6
Marian Whyte – 341.55, Reserve

Thomas Bishop – 459.97
Josh Harwood – 386.5
Keaton Norling – 306.13

Rod Bryant – 464.69
Paul Hedwig – 435.7
Steve Gill – 432.03
Terry Lalich – 428.28, Reserve

Super Veterans
Russell Cooper – 429.75
Gordon MacPhee – 422.86
Graeme Brown – 410.27
Russell McGowan – 408.83, Reserve

Team Manager
Neil Winsloe

All team members need to hold a current NZ passport and have not shot for any other National FITASC team in the last 3 years.
If you are unable to attend the Oceania event, please let us know ASAP.

All team members need to complete a Shooter Agreement and return these to Neil Winsloe or the National Office within 7 days. This needs to be done even if you have filled one out before.

The 2013 Sporting Clays Championship, held in Wanganui last week, by all accounts was very successful and offered a very high standard of shooting and competition, with many shooters travelling from Australia and New Caledonia. The event ran very smoothly with minimal stoppages and the field design and target presentations were world class.
Congratulations to Mark Vessey HOA, taking home a 32″ Miroku Mk10 courtesy of Reloaders Supplies.

More results…

Due to time problems with local government we will not be able to conduct the FITASC Championship of Oceania at our chosen green field site of Ballark,
The Championship of Oceania 2013 will now be conducted at the new Geelong Sporting Clays Range.
Geelong is still the place to get accommodation and the range is 40 minutes travel from Geelong along the Bacchus Marsh – Geelong Road.
Hope to see you all at the NZ Grand Prix.
Ray McFarlane