All shooters that intend gaining selection and representing New Zealand, must complete and sign a Shooters Agreement. This must be done before the teams are announced. So please read it and raise any questions with the National Secretary.

2013 NZ Compak team

The NZ Open and Graded Compak teams will be selected from the North Island and the the first 100 tgts of the New Zealand Championships to be held at Marua 8th – 10th November 2013. The selection criteria is first past the post. The NZ Compak teams will shoot for the McGowen Cup and the Trans-tasmen sheild against the Australian SSAA team.

Oceania FITASC teams 2014 -Results – Mon 17 February 14

The New Zealand Oceania Teams for 2014 will compete at the 26th FITASC Championship of Oceania to be held in New Caledonia. The teams will be announced at the conclusion of the NZ Sporting Championship in Rotorua 15th February 2014.
Shooters must shoot 500 qualifying targets, made up as follows; 2014 Nationals, 1 of the Island Championships and any 2 Qualifying shoots held between the 2013 Nationals and the 2014 Nationals.
A full list of qualifying shoots can be found here.
The shooters score will be converted to a percentage of the top score, with the winner gaining 100%. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is this system makes no consideration of the target difficulty, the winner is still rewarded for winning and the rest of the shooters scores are converted to a percentage of the winner’s score to reflect their distance behind the winner.
This system is used around the world to select national teams in many disciplines, and is widely considered to be the fairest.

North/South teams 2013 -Results – Tue 21 January 14

The North/South Teams will be announced soon after the last qualifying shoot of 2013. The qualifying criteria for the teams is the top 5 shooters with the best 3 scores from all of the Qualifying rounds of this year. To qualify for the North/South Teams shooters must pay the North/South subscription at each event otherwise that score will not count. Each team member from the team that crossed Cook straight for the Nationals will be payed $150.

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