A dairy farm North of Christchurch was the venue for the North Zone S.I Sporting shoot. This was hosted by the South Island Sporting Clay Shooters and was a two-day affair with a Lewis Class based day on Saturday and the Zone shoot on Sunday. Neil and Lois Kerr were our hosts and had done a huge amount of work before we had arrived. Tracks were cut, tractors, generators, tents (thanks to local CRT guys!!) rubbish bins, all in place. The club is truly indebted to them for that mammoth effort on our behalf. We also had help from Hiab Services and Precut Construction that allowed us some different high target presentations. It was a hard day and half’s slog by the boys getting everything in place, and here thanks must go to Mark Vessey who came down a day early to help us and give us some of his valuable international experience. We also worked out how to please our Patron and main benefactor Graeme Brown, give him some spanners and two stands and he will potter about for hours getting it exactly right. It was very gratifying to see shooters from as far away as Wangarei make the effort; it was really appreciated as we know the effort required to do the reverse. Shooters from Wellington, Hamilton and Rata (wonder who!) also made an effort to come and shoot. Interesting that our club seems to be the most represented at most away shoots, so it obviously pays dividends. Lois and the book club ladies had the food organized and kept everyone well fed and watered over the weekend. Along with them, though no Nigella, Dick Whylie did a great job on the BBQ, unfortunately his shoulder not allowing him to shoot. Tim Scott beavered away in the office as usual, but a ‘green field site brings its own issues. Four printers later due to the generator power surges saw hand printed score cards used, until we were rescued by Neil’s daughter who stole all their supply from the farm office.
Saturday was a very typical Canterbury day, strong gusting Nor west winds and around 27degrees. The weather blew a few targets about, but overall I gather everyone was happy. There were a few new target presentations to add to shooters memory banks for future shoots.
Sunday had predictions of Southerly’s and rain, but that failed to eventuate during the actual shoot. I won’t mention the clean up! We stepped it up a bit and there were some pretty tough targets but nothing too silly. It was suggested at the after ‘debriefing’, well a couple of beers, that if had put on those sort of targets a couple of years ago we would have gone by now! Whether they liked the challenge or thought this will keep my handicap at its true place I’m not sure, but I didn’t hear any complaints. It is very heartening to see Canterbury shooters embracing good competition targets and hopefully we will continue to throw them. There was some very good shooting by some and I won’t mention others, except to say setting up a shoot then shooting does not go hand in hand for anyone. I think the crew were looking forward to the break, then next February just touring the N.I. shooting and letting someone else do the worrying and work. Our next shoot is the Temps Bar and Perazzi 100 on 29/30 March 2014. Temps will be an old fashioned Simulated Field Day and the Perazzi 100 will be Sporting shoot with a difference, it is not a FITASC shoot is all I can say at this stage.


HOA Mark Vessey 92
AA 1 Daryn Norling 85
AA 2 Gordon MacPhee 80
AA 3 Adam Green 78

A 1 Greg Maniatis 85
A 2 Jason Pugh 81
A 3 Blair Masters 79

B 1 Michael Gould 73
B 2 Diane Lawrence 73
B 3 Graeme Brown 70

C 1 Neil Kerr 63
C 2 Bruce Gardiner 60
C 3 Roger Sworf 48

Ladies: Diane Lawrence 73

Juniors: Harry Denton 77 Second: Keaton Keaton Norling 63

Veterans: Derek Sheen 79
Second Steve Gill 76

S Veterans: Gordon MacPhee 80 Second: Michael Gould 73

6 Comments to “North Zone S.I. Sporting”

  1. Alex Squires says:

    Thanks boys & girls, was a good break away after the compak nationals for us northeners, though there were no thilthy dargavillians there Ron, we left him shooting mud pies in hamilton. We are from Whangarei, it would be like me saying you Christchurch boys are from Dunedin!!

    The targets were great, some real stiff birds, sadly I missed the easy ones so my scores sucked, but Diane must have liked them as she not only got into B grade, but ended up shooting off for 1st B, so I’d say she will always think fondly of this shoot.

    Pad 6 “A” bird on Sat was “Unshootable” dont put silly birds like that on the menu again, Ian Holmes just wouldn’t be able to stand it!!

    Lastly, thanks to my squad, it was a very enjoyable two days, and Cuz, that green “A” bird is still perched in the tree unmolested by any of your shot.

    Oh and Ron, I’ve booked flights for the March shoot, dont do a Greymouth on me and change the dates!!

  2. Ron Madden says:

    Pad 6 oh the green target at what, 8 metres!!!
    And I bet he minced the big Vessey Battue.
    Love to have you back again and promise no date changes.

  3. Mark Vessey says:

    Great shoot ,great squad great company and great targets all in all great.
    Looking forward to the next one guys .
    Thanks to the sisssssssssssssscssc for looking after me ’twas a pleasure to shoot with the knob squad .

  4. David Mack says:

    Excellent shoot. SISCS is getting better and better and the target setting is really good now. This weekend’s targets were challenging and fun and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who missed that green target which seemed about to land on the end of my barrels.

  5. ronmadden says:

    All references to Dargaville have been deleted because of the sensitivities of the Northern raiders!!

  6. Alex Squires says:


    Whangarei not Wangarei, if ya not careful, i’ll send down some Ngapuhi to school you of the importance of the H.

    Actually, I think we’ll send you Hone Harawira and his clan, I’m sure you’d love to have them!!

    Big Vessey Battue,Soft bird, didn’t miss it once all weekend, Now the 8m “A” bird is a whole different story!!