The Sporting Committee has set the criteria for teams’ selection for the 2015 FITASC World Sporting Championships. This event is being held at the Caribou Gun Club, 30649 380th St. Le Sueur, MN 56058, USA. July 23rd– 26th 2015.
The Committee has agreed that this is a major event for us and within reasonable distance to NZ, and without the huge efforts and costs required to get to Europe. To that end we will be giving as much financial help as is possible to selected Teams from the Sporting fund. As you all know this is the only money available to us for team funding, except for actual team entries.
The criteria is:
NZ Sporting Nationals (Wanaka-17/18 February 2015) 200 targets
NZ FITASC Grand Prix (Wanaka -20/21 February 2015) 200 targets.

Plus one of the two events below: (best score to count)

NZ Open (Alexandra-11/12 October 2014) 200 targets
FITASC Oceania (Rotorua- 27/28/29 March) 200 targets

TOTAL: 600 targets, first past the post.

5 Comments to “2015 World FITASC Teams’ Selection criteria”

  1. Russell Cooper says:

    There’s no way that the average shooter is going to condone the subsidising of a chequebook team to USA. The sporting committee would be better off ensuring full teams competed at the oceania champs when they’re held in Aust or New Caledonia. Some $s invested in NZ teams to New Caledonia this year would have resulted in more teams winning more medals and gaining more experience than funding a few who can basically afford to go to the USA where nobody from NZ will win anything. Just who is on the sporting committee anyway?

  2. Geoff Hay says:

    I would have thought the compulsory shoots would be the nationals in Wanaka and the Oceanias in Rotorua. These two shoots are the hardest and more desireable to win .
    It would also give a truer indication of ability and scoring using the different Island locations,field and trap settings and personel running the shoots.
    It also disadvantages the North Island shooters who have to travel south to shoot the compulsory events whereas the South Island shooters need not come north to qualify.
    I think the format needs revisiting!

  3. Ron Madden says:

    Russell, we totally disagree that it will be a ’cheque book’ team. Any team from any code is going to struggle when trying to balance jobs, families and life in general. The Association does not fully fund any Teams, this is event is no different. Not sure if you have noticed lately but the majority of the International travelling shooters seem to be the younger working guys. A couple of our better ‘younger’ Sporting shooters are always competing in Australian Sporting events and doing verywell. The shoot is over a year away in July, and entry is not open until January, plenty of time for anyone serious about going to make the commitment and start saving. The precedent of not paying for Oceania Teams while competing in NZ is not new and the present Sporting Committee feels that this is the way to go. Another Committee down the track may think differently and consider Oceania more important than a World Championship.
    NZ representatives at top level events do incorporate experiences and knowledge gained from such major competitions into local events. Exposure for NZ shooters informs better target setting and administration of large events. While Mark Vessey hasn’t shot for NZ, the benefit of his exposure and knowledge from world events has been seen at a number of shoots around the country. Others with International experience have without a doubt contributed to the enhancement of sporting clays in NZ. We would contest that benefit of NZ shooters exposure to these events not only enhances local shoots but is critical to ensuring we remain relevant with global sporting trends, thoughts and aspirations.
    Finally, we would suggest that official NZ attendance also provides opportunities for hosting significant championships (as has occurred in the past). To not be seen on the global stage when opportunity allows, likely rules out NZ from making credible bids in the future. NZ must be prepared to ‘be seen to be seen’ when opportunities present. While world events in NZ are likely to remain infrequent they will likely disappear should NZ not commit in some way to being seen at truly global events.
    Exposure therefore benefits the sport as a whole in both knowledge for ‘local’ competitions and future global sporting opportunities on NZ soil.
    The current Committee comprises of Neil Winsloe convener and Council representative, Geoff Wells, Rob Curruthers, David Reid with Ron Madden and Albie attempting to take a back seat. We also have input from Ian Swale and Brent Quin who is going to take over from Ron on his return to NZ on a permanent basis.

    Geoff there was a lot of discussion on the criteria and we changed it several times. Originally it was just 3 compulsory shoots, but shooters thought that was a bit unfair, if anyone missed one thru illness, family matters, or whatever their chances would be gone, hence the change to an either or scenario.
    We don’t agree at all that the Nationals are the hardest, in fact the opposite should apply, it should be a shoot for all grades and Categories to enjoy and have fun. The GP’s and Oceania are set by the FITASC Representatives’ from Oceania and they are not NZ shoots as such. This only leaves two shoots, the National’s and NZ Open being truly NZ owned and operated. It is very rare indeed that the North appears disadvantaged, with the Southerners having had to travel for many years to have a go at making a team. It has always been one year to two in favour of the North as far as Nationals rotations are concerned. Next year it is just the rotation of this event otherwise the travel would, and as we say has happened many, many times, disadvantaging the South. Southerners have never seen that as an issue before and nor should it be. We would have imagined that most dedicated Sporting shooters will make the visit the South in February for both events, so it is not seen by us as a disadvantage. On the same line we would say those really going for Team places will plan and shoot all events no matter where.
    Sporting Clay Committee.

  4. Russell Cooper says:

    Hi to all sporting shooters, having recently spent some time on the peg or in the maimai, I have had the opportunity to ponder Ron’s reply to my previous comments. Firstly I do not accept that it is the younger, working shooter who is attending international events, eg Australian Grand Prix. Certainly some have, and done very well, but how would they have done had they attended the Oceania Championships? I believe very well, and had the opportunity of placing if not winning the Oceania cup. Why did they not attend? I suggest because there was no funding. And what of the other categories? Oceania matches are where youngsters and newly selected national team members, can learn the ropes and be assisted by their peers. I suggest that $750 per team member would have resulted in more than just a single composite team attending this year in New Caledonia. I’m certainly not suggesting that team members competing in NZ should be funded in any way, however the sporting committee should reassess its position regarding Oceania events in Australia or New Caledonia. In my view the Oceania championships are far more important to the competitive shooter who wants to gain national selection, than a world event that he/she may not be able to afford to go to even with funding of $1000. As for waving the flag at world events, I think that only once or twice in the last 12 years has a New Zealand competitor not been present. Will this make any difference to NZ hosting the world fitasc championships again? Not at all. Today at least 800 entries are needed just to break even, a number that NZ is not likely to attract. I previously commented that the upcoming 1215 world event at the Caribou Club would be a chequebook event. This apparently caused great indignation within the sporting committee. A compulsory 600 targets, first past the post criteria has been set. Funding of $1000 per team member is proposed. My question to this is will the selection pool be the same as for Oceania? eg open team of 4 plus the naming of 2 reserves, all other categories 3 members with 1 reserve, or are you going to go down the list until you find someone with a big enough chequebook who can attend or who turns up at the event. My belief is very simple. You win selection to a NZ team by qualifying from the matches set down here in NZ, not just turn up to a world event in Cyprus or Chicago or wherever to be put into a team and given a fern. I suggest that the committee canvas shooters opinion before committing their funds.

    • Ron Madden says:

      Greetings Russell, sorry but the last reply was from input from all of the Sporting Committee though under my name. These though are my own thoughts. I gather you were once on the Sporting Committee, not sure what happened then to try to advance shooting. I believe this Committee is trying its very best based on the majority’s views, some very silent but appreciative of our efforts. May I suggest Sporting Committee members would probably be at the majority of shoots, as you know some shooters are not shy in coming forward in their own views, so we feel we have a good ‘handle on the overall views. You cannot make people go to events and there was very little interest in shooters going to New Caledonia. For various reasons it does not seem to be that popular as a touring/shooting venue. Actually this issue has been taken up by Ray McFarlane (FITASC VP) and I in an effort to see way forward. You can offer shooters shoots but cannot force them to go, and it was pretty clear to us that it was going to be hard to put up teams, as was proven right by the number actually attending. There was little appetite for that shoot at that venue all round. I totally disagree that some money would have changed shooters minds; there just wasn’t any interest from all the shooters we canvassed at the Nationals.

      Some members of the Sporting Committee was interested in running a World FITASC event down the track, but has been told that we will never get it alone because of not enough numbers to make it worthwhile for FITASC themselves. I am also looking at ways thru this with Ray. A shame as I think NZ would do such an event well, but with overseas shoots getting 1000+ we can never hope to compete.

      The selection is exactly as it says. The days of selectors making decisions are well gone; it’s first past the post, so teams basically select themselves. We are hoping for full teams across the board and of course will name reserves, as is the norm. I’m not sure of your constant comments about check book teams. I do not know of any team, from any country that does not have some small ‘check book’ element to it. Shooting is an expensive sport, but we just hope some will consider the $1000 the difference between going and not. Others will think the effort to attend a superb event of 1000 likeminded people worth the effort. We only look at World Championship funding every so often, the rest of the time concentrating on Oceania events as our ‘bread and butter’.

      As I say this is this Committee’s decisions re selections and criteria, so if you wish to put your name forward with other shooters of similar convictions, please do so.