Post the FITASC General Assembly (AGM) held prior to the FITASC Sporting World Championships Spain July 2013 I am in a position to inform both course designers and Referees that the following changes to the FITASC Sporting rules have been adopted and are effective as from 1st Jan 2014:

1. Referees will carry, at International events, Yellow and Red cards similar to the ISSF Referees and also Soccer Referees.
These cards are to be used when a competitor falls foul of any of the rules for example, gun position, foot fault, cartridge or gun malfunction.
The first occurrence will result in the referee giving a verbal warning and show him/her a Yellow card with ‘WARNING’ in large bold black type.
Any repeat of the same transgression or second gun or cartridge malfunction, will result in the Referee giving a second warning and show the competitor a Red card with ‘PENALTY’ in bold black type.
The showing of a Red card will lead to the Referee deducting a target or two (2) targets for simultaneous (SIM) or trailing pairs (Rafael).
NB: the warning(s) remain in force only for the layout (25 targets) where the warning(s) were issued; the competitor has a clear card for each of the 25 target layouts remaining.

2. The second change that has been adopted is aimed at the course designers and the shooting position target menu; from 1st Jan 2014 the type of target will no longer be identified on the menu only the trap identifier i.e. A, B, C, D etc.
Additionally, the Referee will not be allowed to inform the competitor the type of target,nor should the competitor ask the Referee what the target is; the competitor can still ask what machine is next in the sequence if they are unsure.

Also during the AGM the shooting of pieces (chips) of a broken target was discussed; it is strongly recommended that this is discouraged on the grounds of safety and the environment. It is highly likely that the rules will be amended in 2014 introducing in 2015 a penalty for this practice.

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