The 2013 Sporting Clays Championship, held in Wanganui last week, by all accounts was very successful and offered a very high standard of shooting and competition, with many shooters travelling from Australia and New Caledonia. The event ran very smoothly with minimal stoppages and the field design and target presentations were world class.
Congratulations to Mark Vessey HOA, taking home a 32″ Miroku Mk10 courtesy of Reloaders Supplies.

Mark Vessey 184
David Alley 181
Ron Rhook 178
Brian Deadman 177
Darryl Braun 176
Des Coe 176
Leigh Dunn 175
Brent Quin 175
Daryn Norling 173
Thomas Bishop 172
John Hillier 171
Derek Morgan 169
Robert Brown 169
Dale Clark 168
Adam Green 166
Tony Truss 166
Jason Teague 166
Darryl Groundwater 165
Richard Mckenzie 165
Rod Bryant 165
Ian Holmes 162
Jason Saunders 162
Geoff Wells 162
Terry Mahony 160
Glenn Rastrick 159
Frank Tagliapietra 159
James Simpson 158
Peter Goodwin 158
Adam Hanson 157
Barry Wheildon 157
Darren Macartney 157
Greg Allen 156
Russell Mcgowan 155
Ernie Scheidl 154
Terry Lalich 154
Andrew Sanders 154
Malcom Price 154
Robert Matuch 153
Stephen Martin 152
Steve Boyd 152
Paul Hedwig 151
Graeme Brown 151
Bruce Scott (1) 151
Robert Waugh 150
Derek Sheen 148
Alex Squires 148
Gordon Macphee 148
Ben Ashton 147
Jason Pugh 147
Russell Cooper 146
Sarah Hamburger 146
Mitchell Whatley 146
Brian Tresidder 146
Colin Barker 145
Marion Roumagne 143
Vicki Johnstone 143
Daniel Feutz 143
Phil Brown 143
Barry Hill 142
Warren Philpott 142
Deborah Bradley 142
Chris Gibbison 142
Tara Lawrence 141
Brent Morriss 141
Brian Hill 140
Robin Casey 139
Ross Denton 139
Daniel Maher 138
Brent Lawrence 138
Kingi Nathan 138
Sterl Wrigley 137
Stuart Nichols 137
Albie Hanson 137
Zane Walker 137
Raymond Bishop 136
Josh Pratt 136
Josh Harwood 135
Warren Brown 135
Ronald Darkis 135
Kerran (Ron) Madden 133
Simon Hawken 132
Neil Winsloe 132
Owen Marsh 131
Tim Scott 131
Ian Swale 130
Arthur Cozens 130
Bob Birkett 130
David Mack 130
Neil Simpson 129
Mel Hoverd 129
Buzz Kronfeld 128
Gerard BERGER 127
Andrew Mcintosh 126
Bruce Scott (2) 126
Michael Davidson 126
Emily Olsen 125
Rob Edwards 125
Andrew Welch 124
Lyndal Groundwater 124
David Reid 124
Mark Templeton 123
Steven Taylor 122
Calvin Stewart 122
Marian Whyte 122
Dick Wyllie 121
Ian Crafts 120
Danny Genovese 120
Greg Bishop 118
Geoff Furborough 118
Tony Smith 117
Amber Scott 115
Steve O’Hara 114
Jonathan Harwood 114
Neil Kerr 111
Carolyn Stanford 109
Jean-Robert Vuvant 107
Dianne Lawrence 103
Keaton Norling 102
Casey Jacka 101
Dave Christie 93
Colin Smith 91
Steve Gill 158
Peter Ridley 153

8 Comments to “2013 Sporting Clay Championship results”

  1. David Mack says:

    What a great four days of shooting. Excellent weather, brilliant organisation – many, many thanks Wanganui for making it possible – and squad companions who were good fun to shoot with. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

  2. Ron Madden says:

    The only word is EXCELLENT!! in every way.
    Target setters, cafe ladies, office, cafe ladies… Those that didn’t go missed a great week of Sporting shooting.
    I shot with David Mack so I’m ‘suprised’ at his good comments, as we B graders were having a great battle in our own little championship.

  3. Paul Hedwig says:

    Congratulations to the wanganui club, what a fantastic week of well set visible targets that challenged your ability not you eyesite.
    It was a refreshing change to have the weather gods on our side all week.
    Great company and always enjoyable to catch up with all my shooting mates from around the pacific.

  4. Alex Squires says:

    Thank you Craig & Rob (and little helpers), you’re the best target setting team we have in NZ!!

    B bird on pad two / field three, “unshootable” to use an “Alleyism”, not really, but a big bird for sure.

    Asleep at the wheel describes my efforts for the week, but looking at the results, not as bad as I thought.

    Cant wait to return later in the year.

  5. Ron Madden says:

    Maybe the pernnial bridesmaid should take lessons from 12 yr old Keaton Norling!!

  6. Alex Squires says:

    Oh Ron, your pointed words hurt me so!! but to be expected from the perennial B grader!

    I’ll take big target shooting lessons from the young fulla and he can help you with your spelling!!!

  7. Ron Madden says:

    Well that went thru to the wicket keeper!!
    I was refering to Dave Alley (in a jovial way)I would not even consider having a dig at you Alex, especially when I am coming to your patch at the end of the year!!

  8. Alex Squires says:

    Ooops, didn’t see that one, though being refereed to as a bridesmaid should’ve registered better as with my shooting ability, I’m not even close to being a bridesmaid! more like parlour maid, or tea’s made!!!

    We cant wait to host you all in Northland, though if it doesn’t rain soon, you’ll be shooting in a desert!!